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GTM Technology Storage & Server Solution

These benefits combined with an excellent track record have earned GTM Technology a reputation as a true leader in the high-end server/storage industry. GTM Technology provides the most outstanding product line in the industry, ranging from single Atom™ and dual Xeon® to quad Xeon® MP systems. Their proven high level of quality and performance has made SuperServers the platform of choice for HPC, enterprise, cloud, data center, hyperscale, embedded, and business-critical, front-end server applications.

GTM NVR Storage Unit

GTM NVR storage unit is a solution that provides the processor and RAID enclosure in one chassis, resulting in both space and cost savings. RAID5 and 6 support is available through a hardware-based RAID controller that removes the loading on the processor that software RAID can bring.

GTM VMS Solution

Protect your city and its citizens with intelligent security  

GTM VMS Security solution that monitors and controls all your public utilities. A solution that detects and reports problems in real-time, and responds accordingly.  

A solution that improves safety, reduces crime and allows your city to run smoothly and cost-efficiently. Now imagine all this in a flexible solution that’s 100% reliable and evolves as your city does.  


Monitor and secure transportation, vehicles, and transport areas. 

License Plate Recognition
Speeding Violations
Traffic Light Violations
Traffic Control


GTM VMS Traffic Control Suite integrates video surveillance modules with intelligent transport and traffic detectors, as well as car and railway car license plate recognition.  

Whether you’re monitoring a thoroughfare, parking lot, or railway, automatic license plate recognition ensures that only authorized cars are permitted — or that hijacked or stolen cars are identified and the authorities are notified. 

Monitor cashiers and customers at the point-of-sale with intelligent video.

GTM VMS Suite uses one or more cameras to continuously record a cashier’s workspace, and combines this information with point-of-sale transaction data to prevent fraud or theft by the cashier or customer.

Use GTM VMS Enterprise’s sophisticated search options to quickly view any time frame, transaction, or customer. Or, watch live and see what is happening at a cashier’s workspace at any time.